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Stephen Kavanagh

"The oyster! 300 million years patiently engineering habitats to help support so many other species, a true keystone species. And when things irritate them, they turn the irritation into a beautiful pearl. If our kids could learn to do the same with life’s woes, what a beautiful world they can build. We have so much to learn still from the oyster that once saved the earliest humans from near extinction, and they may be called to do so again. Sammy spat is a timeless tale of courage, resilience, friendship and survival. Beautiful life lessons are intertwined with ecological awareness that will hopefully inspire the next generation of marine scientists to continue the very important task of restoring our marine ecosystems to their former glory."

Stephen Kavanagh, Marine Biologist

Director - Native Oyster Reef Restoration, Ireland(NORRI).

"Managing our ecosystems and biodiversity is crucial for our survival and young people as future custodians of our planet have an important role to play. So it turns out does the humble oyster! Sammy’s perilous adventures in his quest for survival have been written in a style which sweeps the young reader up in an engaging marine adventure challenging their vocabulary and knowledge of the sea along the way. Sammy’s friends, often breaking rank and swimming against the tide, make a big difference to Sammy’s survival. The reader is left with no doubt regarding the importance of interdependence and the part each and every sea creature plays in sustaining our seaways – most importantly the humble oyster!"

 Jill Coates, Oyster Farmer, South Australia

Principal, M.Ed (Former)

MA Counseling & Psychotherapy

Jill Coates
Ann Solomon-Schwartz

“Sammy Spat’s journey helps children discover their own connection to self and the world around them.  Through Sammy’s adventures, struggles and triumphs (ironically not unlike those of humans), Sammy Spat and the Big Rescue delivers a positive message to young people for what it takes to build a happy and productive life.  It is a timeless tale of hope - key for our times, as it helps develop empathy for others."


Ann Solomon-Schwartz, LMSW  Family Therapist. USA

Dr. Katsuyoshi Mori

“Sammy Spat and the Big Rescue  is as imaginative as it is informative. While being entertained, young people will learn about the sea and the importance of oysters to the health of the ocean.  It is a valuable teaching tool for schools or at home. Sammy Spat and the Big Rescue embodies the philosophy held by the World Oyster Society, “Let the sea live.  Let us live with the sea,” a key message for young and old to embrace at this time for our survival.”


Dr. Katsuyoshi Mori, President of the World Oyster Society, Japan  

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